Photo Package Pricing

Print Packages


Gold: 150.00

1 16X20

3 8X10

5 5X7

5 4X6


Silver: 100.00

1 11X14

2 8x10

4 5X7

3 4X6


Bronze: $60.00

1 8X10

2 5X7

3 4X6


Individual Prints

Listed below are the prices you will pay for individual photographs if you decide not to purchase a photo package.


Print Pricing

11X14 print-  $30.00

8X10 print-    $25.00               

5X7 print-      $10.00

4X6 print-      $7.00

8 wallets-      $10.00


Unique Enlargements and Photo Art

If you are interested in canvas, metal, or other types of photo art just ask!



***If there are print sizes not listed that interest you contact Rachel for pricing information.