Rachel Kekstadt

I love

art, photography, teaching children, chocolate, travel, cooking, home decorating, and anything that involves spending time with my family!

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan and now live in Lake Zurich, Illinois. I moved to Illinois 16 years ago.  I am currently an elementary school art teacher and part time photographer. I love what I do as my first career and equally love what has become a second career! Photography was always a hobby of mine, but with years of perfecting my skills, it has now turned into a successful small business that I can balance with my career as a part time art teacher. I have always enjoyed documenting my life with photography. I love taking all kinds of photographs, from landscapes to portraits, but I find that photographing children and families are the most rewarding. I am able to capture and document so much emotion in those photo shoots. When I became a mother 4 years ago I became even more passionate about photography.  I love capturing children at all stages of life because I have first hand experience at seeing how fast our little ones grow. Photography has the ability of freezing a moment in time and it is so wonderful to have those moments documented. My photo journalistic approach to photography captures children and families in that raw, beautiful, and natural state that can tell a story. I would be honored if you chose me to photograph your family.